Stone engraving machine maintenance methods

Many manufacturers purchase stone engraving machine often neglected maintenance of the equipment, at the same time think of equipment for the company to create should take into account the interests of the stone machine also needs a normal rest and maintenance, there are several points to note:
1. Continuous running time 10 hours a day or less, and ensure the normal operation of the cooling water pump and clean, water-cooled spindle motor can not appear water shortages, regular replacement of cooling water to prevent the water temperature is too high.
2. The machine should be promptly cleaned after use. Stone engraving machine during use will produce a lot of dust, excessive dust has a great influence on the stone engraving machine life. Therefore, after each use to make sure the dust on the platform and drive clean, regular transmission (X.Y.Z triaxial) lubrication refueling.
3. If the machine unused for long periods should periodically (weekly) fuel idling in order to ensure the flexibility of the transmission system.
4. Periodic (depending on usage) to clean dust electrical box, check the wiring terminal screws are loose, the circuit in order to ensure safe and reliable use.
5. When finished using stone engraving machine must be cut off the power supply when the monitor has no display and the main circuit power light is off, before leaving, which can prolong the life of electrical stone engraving machine.
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